About Niti Ayurveda

We provide customized tailor made Ayurveda treatment for autoimmune & chronic diseases, which is exclusively prepared as per patient body type, age, occupation, lifestyle, gender, climate and physical & mental condition.  Niti Ayurveda has been founded by a retired Indian Army Officer & Our Chief mentor Hony. Lt S Pal and Smt.V Laxmi with a noble vision to preserve and maintain the legacy of classical ancient Indian traditional medicines which is also known as Ayurveda.
With a team of expert Ayurvedic Doctors, Diet Specialist & Nutritionists, we are treating thousands of patient all over the globe. We follow the ancient classical Ayurvedic methodology to treat our patients, which requires an intensive & extensive approach
All of us knows, that there is no alternative to good health and one can buy the medicine from the money they earned but not health, and medicine can treat your disease but not your habits & lifestyle, therefore along with the customized treatment we provide a personal customized diet & lifestyle pattern to our patient which not only helps them from getting out of their disease soon but also prevents its re occurrence in future, so that you can live healthy and happy forever.
We do not sell any products, and sales is never our goal .We only provide personal customized Ayurevedic Treatment as per individual requirement.

Why online Treatment?

In this contemporary times , the world is too small . In today's time a physician sitting in one corner of the planet is treating patient in the other corner of the planet. Thanks to technological revolution. With the help of technology anyone can consult any doctor through phone ,internet and Skype . You can share every detail of the person ,including lab investigations and visual physical examination through internet . Moreover our doctors are well qualified and certified from concerned authorities.

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In Niti Ayurveda we do not sell any product, sales are not our motto, our chief and primary concern is to provide a natural Ayurvedic customized solution to the patients for their problems as per their body and lifestyle and to maintain & sustain the health of an Individual by using the unique ancient Ayurvedic methodologies & Advanced clinical skills.