Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism

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Thyroid Treatment In Ayurveda

Thyroid disorders are becoming a next big threat to peoples health, especially to women. Much of women are getting affected by this disorder, either in their adolescence or in their adult age.Some women also found to develop this disorder during pregnancy.

After consulting and treating thousands of patients and after developing an extensive experience in treating Thyroid patients , I have observed some strange factors and patterns about the thyroid disorders.

1: Women & Thyroid: It is an established fact that women are more prone to thyroid disorders, but no system of medicine besides Ayurveda is able to provide a valid and scientific explanation for the same. Before explaining, i would like to provide some more observation and patterns related to women and Thyroid disorders to you.

A: Urban women are more prone to develop Thyroid disorders.
B: Working urban women are more prone to develop Thyroid disorders.
C: Women having depression or stress or any other Psychological trauma, are more prone.
D: Urban women who are not working but who want to work are more prone.
E: Women who are stressed or tensed during pregnancy , and the one who do not want to continue their pregnancy are more prone.
F: Unhappy women are more prone to develop Thyroid disorder.
G:Consuming food out of home and consuming junk & fast food make them more prone to develop thyroid disorder.

2:Weight is not always connected: Most of people believe that Hypothyroidism makes a person fat and Hyperthyroidism makes a person thin, however this is not right.

3:Thyroid disorders can be treated: Most of the people have a belief that they need to take thyroid medicine throughout their life, which is absolutely wrong, I have consulted and treated so many patients who were earlier taking Thyroid pills every morning, but are not taking any medicine now , and their thyroid levels are also normal. Just like any other disease Thyroid disorders can be managed and treated naturally through Ayurveda.

4: Thyroid & Your nature is connected: In my clinical practice I have found that all the patient, that is 100% of the patients who have Thyroid disorder have mild to moderate or severe psychological problem. The person who tend to forgive and forget is having almost negligible chance of developing thyroid disorder on the other hand the person who keeps on thinking all the time, who keeps his or her mind engaged in their thoughts are more prone to develop thyroid disorder.

5: Work & Thyroid: If you are sleeping late or working whole night or not having proper sleep and having several dreams or nightmare often in your sleep then you are more prone to develop thyroid disorders.

6: Physical workout & Thyroid: People who developed thyroid disorder are found to get rid of it after following a proper customized workout routine. After changing their diet and approach toward their food, patients of thyroid disorders shows an accelerated recovery and got rid of medicines soon.

7:Wake up time: I have observed this fact and is applicable to all the patients. Patients of Thyroid disorder get completely cured once they complete 6-8 hr of their sleep and wake up before sunrise, that is around 5-5:30 am .Waking after sunrise increase the chances of developing thyroid disorders. The late you wake up , more are the chances of thyroid disorder.

8: Males &; Thyroid: Most of males of Indian society are less sensitive to Thyroid disorders, because they have multiple options from getting out of the stress they have.But not all males are alike. The males who are introvert , who are not active but passive, having a sheepish attitude, or is hyper sensitive to external situations & emotions are more prone to develop Thyroid disorders.

9: PCOD/ PCOS & Thyroid: Women with thyroid disorders, who are young and yet not conceived are more prone to develop Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease or Syndrome. And there is a reverse possibility also.Women with irregular menstrual cycle and having PCOD / PCOS are more prone to develop thyroid disorders.

10: Thyroid & Nutrition: Person who are not having adequate nutrition, and who are deficient in natural calcium and other micro nutrients, who feels lethargic and fatigued often, who feel exhausted very soon and yet do not get appropriate sleep are more prone to develop thyroid disorder

Initially I perceived Thyroid disorders as an Endocrine malfunctioning or Hormonal disturbance, but after few years of treating thyroid patients, I developed a deeper understanding of thyroid disorders, which makes me believe that Thyroid disorders are not just an Endocrine or Hormonal malfunctioning, but is a result of chronic Psychological problem.

Let’s understand it simply.

T3 & T4 hormones, which are released by Thyroid gland and are called Tri-iodo Thyronine and Thyroxine respectively. Their main function is to regulate overall growth, repair and metabolism of

the body. Synthesis of T3 & T4 from Thyroid gland is dependent on TSH( Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). TSH is secreted by Pituitary gland. Secretion of TSH from Pituitary is dependent on TRH( Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone) , which is secreted by Hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is a part of brain and controls various activity. The secretion of TRH from hypothalamus is based upon certain neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are broadly of two type 1: Excitatory and 2: Inhibitory.

Our Psychological status and moods stimulate different kind of neurotransmitter to release, these neurotransmitters are just like our taste, your mood and thought process depend on which kind of neurotransmitter you are using. A non required neurotransmitter at a non required time affect hypothalamus which in turn affects the secretion of TRH. Suppose your Hypothalamus need to secrete TRH to increase the production of Thyroid hormone, but your mood is bad and your brain is using any of the inhibitory neurotransmitter, then this inhibitory neurotransmitter influence the secretion of TRH from Hypothalamus which affect Pituitary to release TSH , which affect Thyroid gland finally, and will disturb the overall natural metabolism of the body.

After hypothalamus there is another master gland which is called pineal gland, its proper activity keeps a person calm , relaxed, energetic, motivated, helpful, understanding, loving and caring. This pineal gland controls the mood of brain & body. Any slight reduction in its secretions lead to severe disturbances in our physiological & psychological system.

Ayurvedic medicines and Meditation always help hypothalamus & pineal gland to maintain their normal activity and secrete better and favourable neurotransmitter which keep you happy & healthy naturally.

Dr.M K
Expert Sr.Ayurveda Physician & Consultant