Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis was explained as Aama Vaata in Ayurveda about 4200 years ago. It is a treatable disease in Ayurveda and demands a certain kind of dietary & lifestyle restriction. Its root cause is Aama Dosha which generates in the body due to incompatible and improper diet and lifestyle. This Aama Dosha gets accumulated between the joint spaces,  initially in small joints of fingers of hand & wrist and cause stiffness and pain in an earlier stage and a permanent deformity in later stages. Patients who are not having a permanent deformity shows significant recovery and also get a negative RA factor. The patient with deformity also shows significant improvements in joint mobility, pain, and stiffness.

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Signs & Symptoms

  • In the initial stage, there is stiffness & pain in fingers of hand, wrist, shoulders, hip, and toe.
  • Stiffness and pain usually increase in cold weather and in the morning time after waking up, in some cases, the patient feels better in the day time.
  • Whole body pain may or may not associated with stiffness.
  • Hairfall, and nails problem in later stages.
  • Calcium & Vitamin D (OH) deficiency.
  • Palpitations( Feeling of heartbeat) & feverish feeling.
  • Disturbed sleep & anxieties.
  • Digestion problems like Hyperacidity, bloating e.t.c
  • Coated whitish or semi whitish tongue.
  • Dullness in mood and lack of energy with pain.
  • Lack of sweating or less sweating.
  • The patient often feels uncomfortable with cold weather, cold beverages, and cold food articles.


  • Eating in the wrong time and in the wrong quantity( Overeating)
  • Emotional disturbances, tension & stress( having an occupied restless mind)
  • Frequent eating of fermented food products containing yeast like bakery, pizza, burgers e.t.c
  • Non Timely food eating & Indigestion
  • Sleeping late in the night and waking up late after sunset.
  • Overuse of dairy, packed, sweet, salty and spicy food products.
  • Eating stale food and eating in a rush.
  • Improper or late Bowel clearing.
  • Overuse of tea, alcohol, and coffee.


With the help of proper diet & lifestyle management and with our regular Advanced Ayurvedic medicines , it is possible to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally.

After having a detailed consultation, our expert physician will understand and diagnose the root cause of your Rheumatic condition and then they will prepare a customized Ayurvedic treatment, as per your root cause, body type and lifestyle.

Ayurvedic medicines do not suppress the immune system like steroids, nor they act like NSAID’s (pain killers). These medicines act fundamentally by treating the source of generation of autoimmune complex, by reducing inflammation in multiple joints & by increasing stength in patients to help them recover soon naturally.

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Niti Ayurveda is founded by a team of most professional ayurvedic physicians who treat thousands of patients every year for more than a decade. Our Ayurvedic physician is equipped with a phenomenal understanding of Ayurvedic Treatment methodologies and extensive experience in treating patients.

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In this contemporary times , the world is too small . In todays time a physician sitting in one corner of the planet is treating patient in the other corner of the planet. Thanks to technological revolution. With the help of technology anyone can consult any doctor through internet and skype . You can share evey detail of the person ,including lab investigations and visual physical examination through internet . Moreover our doctors are well qualified and cerified whose certification & detail can be checked anytime on our wesite.