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According to Ayurveda every disease in the body occurs due to the imbalance of Tridoshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) at imbalance of Tridoshas (Vata Pitta and Kapha) at seven different levels of body which is also Called Sapta Dhatu (Ras, Rakt, Maans, Meda, Asthi, Majja and Shukra).

If these Tridoshas are in a balanced conditions the individual enjoys a perfect state of health and happiness. These Tridoshas are tend to get imbalanced due to improper diet, lifestyle and seasonally.

To prevent the imbalance of the Tridoshas, to prevent from falling sick and to cure the current disease our ancient Sages and physician developed an exclusive classical Ayurvedic formulation which is called Ritu Rasayanam (Haritaki)

In our Ancient Ayurvedic Text it is clearly mentioned that our body and the Tridoshas keeps on changing according to the movement of sun and change of weather, so as to stay healthy one must consume Ritu Rasayanam, regularly throughout the year.

Treatment with Ritu Rasayanam

What is Ritu Rasayanam?

Since no two persons are same and different people may have different condition’s in their body. Their symptoms/ disease/ symptom would be different, People may be having a common problem of headache but their reason would be different For.e.g few general reason of headache are Acidity, Constipation, Disturbed Sleep, Stress & Anxiety, Cervical Spondylitis, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Fever e.t.c therefore to cure the problem completely we need to remove the problem/ disease.
Ritu Rasayanam acts perfectly in this scenario and it helps in removing the cause of illness and helps in removing the cause of illness and helps in maintaining a good health. It is a customized Ayurvedic combination of herbs which is specially prepared as per individual body and season.

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Benefits Of Ritu Rasayanam

Ritu Rasayanam acts as a Tridosha Shamak (Mitigates Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
Sothhara (Anti-Inflammatory)
Chakshusya (Cures Oral Diseases & Protect Teeth)
Mukhroghara (Cures Oral Diseases & Protect Teth)
Balya (Strengthening of the Muscle & Bones)
Deepan (Improves Appetite)
Pachana (Improves Digestion)
Yakrit Pliha Uttejak (Hepatoprotective/Liver Tonic)
Kas Swashara (Cures Cough & Asthama)
Mootral (Good For Urinary System/Act As Diuretic)

Why online Treatment?

In this contemporary times , the world is too small . In today's time a physician sitting in one corner of the planet is treating patient in the other corner of the planet. Thanks to technological revolution. With the help of technology anyone can consult any doctor through phone ,internet and Skype . You can share every detail of the person ,including lab investigations and visual physical examination through internet . Moreover our doctors are well qualified and certified from concerned authorities.

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