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A: Erectile Dysfunctioning

In this condition males experience a very weak or no erection in their penis. It happens because of following reason:

  • Weakening of penis muscles due to excessive masturbating habits and weakness in body.
  • Poor blood circulation of blood in penis.
  • Anxiety or stress. It leads to poor neurological stimulus of erection from brain, leading to poor erection.
  • Weakness & poor nutrition leads to the weakening of penis muscles.

B: Premature Ejaculation

In this conditions males are tend to ejaculate their semen very soon. In some cases ejaculation happens even before the intercourse. In this conditions males are not able to hold their semen for appropriate time. Some may ejaculate even between 30 seconds to 3-4 minutes .Causing a serious trauma to their psychological state & personal relationship. Due to this condition males are often tend to develop stress & depression.

This condition occurs when:

  • There is a weakening of the Penis sphincters (which holds the secretion of semen).
  • The loose consistency of semen. Due to improper diet and wrong food, the semen tends to lose its consistency thereby enhancing the tendency of semen to ejaculate earlier.
  • Weak psychological threshold. If a person is involving in a sexual act for the first time, then there is a possibility of premature ejaculation.

C: Infertility (Oligospermia & Azoospermia)

In this condition, the sperm count is either very low with a very less or no actively motile sperms or there is total absence of sperm count. In this condition the Sertoli cells(The cells that produce sperm) of testicles are unable to work properly.

This reduction in activity of Sertoli cells occurs due to:

  • Inappropriate and low testosterone levels.
  • Injury to Sertoli cells.
  • Developmental disorder of childhood.


Ayurveda is famous worldwide since ancient times to provide a permanent & lasting solution for all kind of sexual problem.

Our Ayurvedic medicines acts in the following way:

  • They work on strengthening of the penis muscles.
  • Relaxing mind by certain herbs to enhance neurological sex stimulus from the brain, by this patient feels vital & excited.
  • Enhancing the blood circulation of the penis. By this erection become much stronger.
  • Strengthening of the sphincters( these controls the release of semen), thereby preventing Premature ejaculations.
  • Increasing the consistency of semen.
  • Increasing sperm count & sperm motility by stimulating Sertoli cells in the testicles. Thereby providing relief in male Infertility.
  • Providing strength & vigor to whole body.

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Niti Ayurveda is founded by a team of most professional ayurvedic physicians who treat thousands of patients every year for more than a decade. Our Ayurvedic physician is equipped with a phenomenal understanding of Ayurvedic Treatment methodologies and extensive experience in treating patients.

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