Niti Ayurveda Team Member

Dr. M Vishwamitra K

Director & Chief Physician

Dr.Vishwamitra is our chief Ayurveda Physician and also director of NITI AYURVEDA. He is a renowned and exceptionally skilled Ayurveda physician in various specialties like Neuro, Digestive, Gynecological, Ortho e.t.c. After completing his bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery he worked as Chief Physician & General Manager in Aditya Ayurveda. He is also providing his expert consultations to several pharmaceutical companies and healthcare giants.

Dr. Megha K

Chief Nutritionist & Diet Expert

Dr. Megha  is the main in charge of diet and nutrition planning. She is leading the team of our diet experts and takes care of all the dietary & nutritional requirement of our patients. After completing his Postgraduate in Nutrition & Dietetics she worked with various hospitals in Delhi NCR. She is a calm & passionate team leader with an extensive experience in diet management.

Dr. Shekhar S

Head Of Process

Dr.Shekhar is our Expert physician who supervises the production of all the medicines and assures that, all the medicine are getting prepared as per our strict quality protocol and exclusively as per patient requirement. He is an expert in Ayurveda medicines and has a phenomenal excellence over Digestive and Skeletal diseases.

Dr. M Guleria

Head Of Medicine

Dr.Guleria is handling the team of our expert Ayurvedic doctors and maintains our strict quality protocols. After completing his Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery he started his carrier as Medical Officer and joined us in 2010.

Mr. Nishant K

Chief Admin & Quality Control

Mr.Nishant is our Chief administrator and maintains our strict quality protocols right from patient consultation to packaging of medicines, he is also the head of our International Operations. He is a post graduate in Economics & French and very passionate about ancient Indian medicine & Culture.


Why online Treatment?

In this contemporary times , the world is too small . In today's time a physician sitting in one corner of the planet is treating patient in the other corner of the planet. Thanks to technological revolution. With the help of technology anyone can consult any doctor through phone ,internet and Skype . You can share every detail of the person ,including lab investigations and visual physical examination through internet . Moreover our doctors are well qualified and certified from concerned authorities.

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In Niti Ayurveda we do not sell any product, sales are not our motto, our chief and primary concern is to provide a natural Ayurvedic customized solution to the patients for their problems as per their body and lifestyle and to maintain & sustain the health of an Individual by using the unique ancient Ayurvedic methodologies & Advanced clinical skills.