Sinusitis & Nasal Allergy

(Allergic Rhinitis)

It is a common conditon which occur due to hypersenstivity of nasal mucosa (A protective coating in nostrils) and excessive mucous productions.
Sinusitis is a condition in which our sinuses which are supposed to be clear , got stuffed with excessive mucous causing inflammation of sinuses. Most common sinus involved is Maxillary sinus which occurs on each of nose, besides Ethmoidal & Sphenoidal which are located between eyes and forehead.

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Signs & Symptoms

Person suffering from nasal allergy may present themselves with the following one or more symptoms

  • Nasal Congestion.
  • Running nose.
  • Excessive sneezing, specially in morning.
  • Recurrent Headaches.
  • Irriation & Ithcing in Nose.
  • Watery & reddish Eyes & Nose.
  • Puffiness of face & eyes.
  • Nasal Polyp creating blockage in nostril.
  • Yellow or Greenish mucous discharge from throat and nose.
  • Mucous discharge in throat & constant Mucoid Throat.
  • Diminished vision & Sentivity to temprature changes & fragrances.
  • Loss of smell.


  • Weak Immunity
  • Long uses of anti-allergic medications, which reduces the immunity.
  • Erosion of nasal mucosa due to constant use of nasal sprays.
  • Improper diet & lifestyle.
  • Sleeping late or working whole night.
  • Constipation & Indigestion.
  • Nutritional deficiency.
  • Over exposure to Air conditioners
  • Consuming chilled & cold beverages oftenly.


Ayurveda medicines not only help in decongesting and clearing of nasal area & sinuses but also help in gaining immunity. Most of the people who are suffering from chronic Sinusitis & Nasal allergy, with having a history of long time consumption of anti-allergic and nasal sprays, and to whom nasal surgery is recommended oftenly got significant relief through our treatment in a very shorter span of time naturally.

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Niti Ayurveda is founded by a team of most professional ayurvedic physicians who treat thousands of patients every year for more than a decade. Our Ayurvedic physician is equipped with a phenomenal understanding of Ayurvedic Treatment methodologies and extensive experience in treating patients.

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